* In July 2017, CIHIE formally changed its name from Central Illinois Health Information Exchange to Communities of Illinois Health Information Exchange to reflect our geographic expansion and commitment to the communities we serve.

The Communities of Illinois Health Information Exchange (CIHIE) is a community-based, independent, neutral organization, established as a not-for-profit 501c3 in December 2010 with a singular mission… to make patient health records more readily accessible to physicians, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

Since that time, we’ve become an effective neutral table around which community providers can gather to resolve care coordination challenges.

We believe that improving health record availability will:

• Improve care coordination
• Decrease duplicate tests and services
• Reduce medical errors
• Provide more timely and accurate information to
• Improve overall health in the community

Initial planning was made possible by a one-year grant received from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. More than 200 people were involved from organizations across during the grant planning period. After the grant period concluded, seven hospitals and four non-hospitals stepped forward as Charter Members to contribute the seed funds needed to set-up the Exchange.

Charter members began making data available through CIHIE in mid-2012, but we've grown substantially since then. More than 5.5 million patient records are available for request, with less than .02% of patients opting out.

CIHIE membership is open to all healthcare organizations in Illinois with a need to send and/or receive healthcare information on behalf of patients receiving care.